why do guys feel the need to send dick pics?! I lose so much respect for a person who doesnt know how to get to know a person without it being all about sex. yea, its a huge part in a relationship but i dont need a reminder of what your genitalia entails. I’m a nursing student, i know exactly what the anatomy of the male reproductive system looks like.

also i wonder if other girls feel the same way as me, or does it arouse females to recieve such pictures? once in a blue moon i get. its a nice sexy reminder. but making it too frequent just makes me feel uncomfortable and the situation awkward AF.

So gentlemen, please, keep it in your pants and off my texts. Unless i ask for it, im not really wondering what your penis looks like.

I’ve been working on being a lot more transparent as to who I am. I’m trying to be a lot more open and less guarded. I think I’m a great individual and everyone should be able to see that. Not just my closest family and friends.

I read a quote the other day.
“Being vulnerable is the only way to allow your heart to feel true pleasure.” -B.Marley

And that really hit me. Bc I absolutely hate feeling vulnerable. That is probably why I put up such a bitchy tough goon persona. Bc I don’t want to feel feelings or emotions. But that’s not living life.

I’m 22years old, almost 23. It’s taken me this long to figure out that I need to be able to embrace everything life hands me. If it has the possibility to break my heart, then it also has the possibility to make my heart sing.

So just go for it Nabiha!! Allow yourself to spread love. Allow yourself to be loved ❤️

I think ppl think that I’m joking or trying to avoid hanging out with them when I say I’m busy. But honest to God I don’t have an ounce of time to spare. Mondays and Wednesdays I am at school and work from 8am-8pm and then I go to the gym after. Tuesdays and Thursdays I am at school and work from 11am-9:30pm and I go to the gym in the mornings. Friday I have work 4am-12pm and then I go to Jummah and run errands bc that’s the only day I have available to get stuff done. Saturday and Sunday I’m working from 7am-2pm then gym and studying. Please tell me where you see time to hang out, bc I sure as hell don’t see it

Always thinking about what we were and what we could’ve been.

But I don’t blame anyone but myself